your broke neighourhood cowi spend my day sleeping, working, and watching weird chinese cooking videos on facebook

Fandoms: Genshin, One Piece, KNY, JJBA, NU: carnival, BNHA, Hypmic, ATLA, PJO, FMA, and more !

art credits to @hanadahajime_

Current Projects: Zines

Reporting for Duty!Genshin ImpactAmber centricProduction, ShippingPre-orders Open
On The Rocks VOL 2Va 11 Hall AGeneralShippingCreation
Verglas FlameGenshin ImpactEulamberProduction, ShippingCreation
FreedomGenshin ImpactAnemo characters centricProduction, ShippingCreation
Defenders of TeyvatGenshin ImpactMagic BoysCo-Production, ShippingCreation
MärchenstundeOne PieceLawLuProduction, ShippingCreation
Twisted SamuraiAce AttorneySimon Blackquill centricFinance, ShippingCreation
Once Upon a TimeK/DAMedieval AUFinanceCreation
Orchid's GambitGenshin ImpactYelan CentricFinance, ShippingCreation
Maple BlossomGenshin ImpactKazuyakaFinance, ShippingCreation
Rose MazeTwisted WonderlandHeartslabyul centricFinanceCreation
AcheronGenshin ImpactZombie AUFinanceContributor Apps open
Nova PulseBNHACyberpunk AUFinanceContributor Apps open
Sovereigns of the NightGenshin ImpactVampireShippingInterest Check Closed
Butterfly's LoverGenshin ImpactHuxiaoProduction, ShippingInterest Check open
Distant LegacyGenshin ImpactGenshin OCFinance, ShippingInterest Check soon

* Finance role includes handling production *

Current Projects: Other

Official Merch and Proxy sellingFinance, Shipping2022-
Cwilock Asia ShopShipping, Production2021-
ConventionsFinance, Production2017-

Past Projects: Zines


Past Projects: Other

Narawangsa ShopShop Mangement, Finance, Shipping, Production2020-2020
Official Merch Group and Proxy ordersFinance, Shipping2018-2020
Custom Merch Group orders (AANI Group Orders)Finance, Shipping, Production2019-2019